Abantu base Afrika need to start acknowledging UNkulunkulu wabo


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    Nkululeko says

    Wow im so enlightened..So good to see ppl who know thier history.. I swear sometimes it’s like speaking to a brick wall with ppl….the most obvious contradiction is the time period because if you don’t understand the world has been in existence way before adam n Eve then you are just sadly lost.

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    Anitha says

    The bible says dont bow down to others gods. Christianity is a Religion, but more than that, it embodies the heart of God, that He sent His only begotten son just so that you and I can be close to Him (redemption)- and that we can be broken from shackles which bound us in our past.

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    Zanele Zee Nogwaja says

    I support you Kholosa,Why should we use the bible as the Crutch yet God communicated to our forefathers long ago before the so called bible was established.Our ancestors used African ways to worship and heal sicknesses eg water and they were practising their religion in an African way and there are so many things that this so called bible can not help our African problems like amadliso and isichitho.Africans let us be thankfull to God by creating us as africans and embrace ubuntu bethu.This so called bible is just a reference book and we should not rely on it because it is the history of iSrael nt Africa. AFRICA LOVE YOUR OWN!!

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    Thandeka says

    I believe salvation is a personal. Yes. Our country was colonised but God used everything He could so that the bible can get to everyone in the world. Like God always uses the devil’s tricks so that we can learn some lessons,get to know him more and learn to trust him.

    So as much as the white people think they where suppressing us with slavery and bring the bible. They actually helping.

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      Joseph says

      So are you saying the deaths and violence made by colonisation were made by God ? All for the sake of passing on a book to the world? What you’re saying doesn’t make sense and sorry to say sounds stupid!

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    Emmaculate says

    African people are taken easily with this faden things like not believe in what they where raised ….i believed ancencstors are there and we must know where are we comimg from in order to know where are we going forward please African people.

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