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JSKXXVI’s latest offering: Girlaxy

When it comes to new school hip hop, a lot of attention is invested on the hook of the song rather than on the verse, mostly because the hook is supposed to do exactly that -“hook” you to the track. But in pure JSKXXVI fashion, his new single titled Girlaxy offers lyricism, a catchy hook and his signature “extragalactic sound”.

Having been in the come-up for over five years, and with four EPs to his name, JSKXXVI’s sound and music experience continues to evolve and he is enjoying every moment of it.

“I think I like being discovered, so I’ve just been musically consistent. I juggle music and Graphic Designing. Therefore I need to be more patient than the average human. I see this as an opportunity of becoming a better person for the so-called blow up. If I had blown up at the time I wanted to, I wouldn’t have known what I know now”, he said.

With Girlaxy, JSK takes his fans on a journey to the Milky Way. From the moment you press play the track emits an ambient vibe. It sounds more like the type of song you’d play while cruising down the freeway in the cool summer breeze of the night. The track seeks to intertwine the male and female energy and along with that, the art of appreciating the feminine figure.

JSK intends bringing to light what males and females can achieve by working together. He says that men need to start understanding that women are a great source of light, hence the line ‘let stars never go unnoticed, I’ll bring them to you’.

The artist is known for riding solo and it was no different when he was crafting Girlaxy. In fact, he says that he was on autopilot for this one. From the lyrics, to the production of the song and the artwork, he mastered it all.

You can stream the track on SoundCloud:
And get the lyrics here:

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