The legacy of a blank promise

The legacy of a blank promise

And on that day he said
“Let There Be Minions”
Pill-shaped to be the panacea of the nation
That was the CODE, S.A.

The legacy of a blank promise

A promise to remove these shackles that bide our feet
A promise to remove the scars of history
A promise to abolish slavery

But now it’s mental
Fine-tuned to sing of forgiveness & not our social ills
While sordid underbellies of corruption,
Lead the course of destruction.

Lecherous acts have put capitalism into remission
It was carefully injected into the system
A moral decay draped in Tender loving care
Privileges of a last name.

How can we televise a revolution that isn’t there?


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    Nobuhle Moholisa says

    Amazing word play! Telling the truths of our reality :(.
    Not yet uhuru.

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    Brantley says

    I still ask if it’s possible to get notifications when new poems are posted ?

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