Past June 16

I remember when the world stood on its axis and the tribal drums
pronounced the birth of an African child

I remember when life nurtured my senses and wrapped my innocence
inside the quiet warmth of childhood blankets

I remember when we learnt to scribbled our dreams into the Mud and
watch as the rains carried our hopes into the rivers

I remember my growing limbs reaching out to hug delusional promises
echoed through our state systems

I remember how we lived
How our innocence was care free
And how simple life seemed

I remember how time conceived more things that made less sense
And my tongues grew into a lifetime of endless questions

I remember how truth became pain and how the pain
became the deepest scar in our gullible innocence

I remember how reality crumbled into dried tears drowning out
the narratives of our African cultural upbringings

I remember a people forced to drink from rivers corrupted by
racial hatred, held captive in the sorrow of social insignificance

I remember how we set a date to climb further up liberation
pyramids on the date of 16 June 1976

I remember flooding the streets with dignity painted on our faces,
I remember my heart beating with righteous love for my identity

And then I remember the gunshots
And the final drop of my blood painting the nation with a new song!


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    Brantley says

    “I remember when forgetting was a trivial task ? ”

    This poem gave me Goosebumps

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    Thandeka Ngcobo says

    Choice of worda here is everything????

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