A saint and a sinner

He was known as Sokhulu
A leader of the infamous Sokhulu and Partners
From the streets of Zone 14
She? She was Montana
The queen of Rockville
And these are their home affairs

On a journey of love,
Back when isibaya sikababa sasiphelele
She knew no other man
A wallflower, so delicate in his hands
And isithembiso sakhe was to love her

But, he broke her
Petal by Petal
Root by Root
Stem by Stem
He broke her.

The floor

The walls could hear some words being mumbled
It all started when she questioned these intersexions she was now a part of
She was bruised
His sandpaper hands left 3rd degree scars
And her heartline was now deeply used

A prisoner for love
The need for freedom
She needed a checkpoint to a place called home
Far from the rhythm of the city

Where no one would scandal when she would speak out
Where her tears would disappear at the appearance of the sun
Where a love never wavered would be her outcome.


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    Brantley says

    Wow ??…

    Bravo!! ,It’s amazing how you used these popular drama series to tell such a riveting, heart-breaking story ?

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      Thule says

      ? #BreakTheSilence

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