They used many ways to silence us

A tyre around his neck, just to silence him
It was not a Good Year, 1976
They used many ways to silence us

Inside of me is this burning desire to lift your spirit
And tell you “THE END!”
But things escalated from there
176 bodies found dead
Kanti senzeni na?
Was it because we had gotten tired of sucking up,
Bowing down and screaming “Yes Baas” ?

For how long were our parents going to continue being slaves and never the masters?
Getting spat on by children half their age because they were considered Black and unConscious.
The typical “Speak. She can hear you but she cannot respond” you know? Like in ICU
They used many ways to silence us

Nothing was discreet
They didn’t use Silencers
The deafening sound of bodies hitting the ground
A blood bath in broad daylight
They had said that the World Is A Stage
But, in the blink of an eye, it became a Gravesite

It’s not that we were not enough
If anything, we were too much and that’s intimidating
Our skin? TOO DARK
Our speech? TOO CLARK
Our hips? TOO BROAD
Our hair? TOO COARSE
Science defines ‘coarse’ as having large particles
We always had more
We were more than enough and that’s intimidating

They used many ways to silence us
But they forgot that we ALL had a mouth piece!


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