50 Shades darker

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    Brantley says

    I have renewed appreciation for all my sisters now , thank you.

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      Thule says

      I love this?

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    Ronny @RTisane says

    Love the poem

    It comes f om d heart I believe. Continue embracing ur darker self as we luv our darker, thicker sisters. Hail women empowerment

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      Thule says

      Thanks Ronny

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    Ayanda Dhlomo says

    I love this, the greatest gift to mankind ever.
    GOD bless Thule

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      Thule says

      Wow. I’m not worthy.

      Thank you Munchkin.
      God bless YOU!

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    Thandolusanda says

    You’re what the wolves howl at the moon for. If not, you’re that breathtaking mystical silhouette I’ve seen of the wolf sacrificing its heart to the moon….or something incredibly beautiful like that. I’m rambling…. I loved this. So so much. I love YOU.

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      Thule says

      This is beautiful❤

      Thank you so much. I love you?

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    Simphiwe @simpass_me says

    Nice one
    95% into how people think
    According to me
    Like it.

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      Thule says


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