The sun has set

The Sun has set and now dusk settles
Setting sombre scenes of solitude as they remotely move

The Sun has set, taking with it – warmth and light
Leaving loud lamentations that bring forth heavy floods
Permeating the ground
Withering the only thing they have left – THEIR ROOTS!

The Sun has set and now darkness dawns,
Deeply denting deception in their mind
Separating the body from the soul
And now, what was once whole has been divided into 2 halves

The Sun has set and on this winter’s day
The wind willows wildly with wandering souls
The Sun has set and the cold corrodes compassionate hearts
And now death strolls.


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    Thule says

    Lol. Thank you☺

    Sometimes short is sweet and less is more

  2. Reply
    Brantley says


    …I can’t help but fell cheated , the poem is too short

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