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Graphic Designer delivers fresh perspective to the illustration world

Upon enrolling at the Durban University of Technology, Empangeni born Lethuxolo Thwala had already figured his flair for animation and camera work, subsequently creating his own business called Lertoons. It started in his primary school years where he made Dragon Ball Z comic books for his peers that missed the previous episodes, and it registered to him that his work was definitely appreciated.

Soon after discovering his gift in illustration, he went on to enhance his work and till this day he has continued to dwell on it. Thwala admitted that it began as an extra curriculum activity, however, he sees no other path but the one he is in.

“I appeal more to animation because while finding myself I realized that most animators focused on the same art, I wanted to bring in a new perspective to the illustration world. I am a jack of all trades because I also do photography and videography, which means I understand images well,” he said. 

His experience as a graphic design student has influenced his work in a way that it taught him to be versatile. He plans on bringing creativity to his work in order for him to be more unique. He added that although he would like to complete his qualification, he would still focus on building Lertoons.

The artist explained that, “Animation has become a part of my life, even if I were to drop out or graduate, I would still do the same work. My lecturer told me it would be difficult for me since my art is still fresh but I am confident that it depends on how much work you put in. I am counting on succeeding and reaching my goals since I know how focused and passionate I am.”

Thwala expresses gratitude to those that have acknowledged Lertoons, people that have requested him to either film or do any labour in his field. It depends on what service he is hired for, which includes animated clothing, portraits and adverts. Growing the economy is his massive objective, and doing such would mean him employing the youth of South Africa that share the same interests as his.

He does hope people would refrain from exploiting artists by making them do all the labour in an attempt to take all the credit; something he describes as being lazy. On the contrary, the avid Creative is encouraging people to promote their work in order for them to reach the desired target market.

Thwala emphasizes that plagiarising other peoples’ work hinders your growth, being original is a key point in reaching your full potential. To witness for yourself, reach out to him on Instagram @Lertoonsart and Facebook @Lertoons or on the number +27 84 638 9028.


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