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Exotic sandals handmade from Hemp

For many years South Africa has prohibited the recreational use of Hemp (Marijuana), as it is rather used for cosmetics and medicinal purposes. Earlier on in the year this changed due to the introduction of new law that allows citizens to use it in their homes even when many had been already doing so prior to the new law.

A shoe brand that has been in the market for a year, uses hemp to create their own model of sandals. The material is used in this instance to avoid the use of animal products. Kgomotso Neo Khunou from Magwase in the North West is the Founder of Exotic Sandals which is based in Pretoria.

The Journalism graduate started her career in fashion by sewing dresses and bikinis for herself and from that point her love for designing grew. During a vacation she had a bad experience with the sandals she had on. She claims that whilst walking on the beach the shoes would get sandy which made her feet dirty.

“I didn’t like how some shoes would be uncomfortable to wear in some places, that’s when I decided to produce shoes that would stand any type of climax and destination. Exotic sandals work for various outfits, they are durable and they are good to the environment,” explains the shoemaker.

According to the businesswoman, the sandals are light weight and can be washed easily with warm water and soap. The aim behind their creation is to avoid inconvenience when one wants to wear them. “It is all about customer service. If my brand does not please them then that proves that it needs to be altered,” she says.

The shoes are made for females, males and children. Some are made unisex in order for the LGBTQ group to have options to choose from. Each pair costs an amount of R250 and for customers living far from Pretoria, she uses PEP or Pick ‘n Pay to courier them.

The best way Khunou gets her customers is at markets because it enables her to provide them with the full experience of helping them pick the correct size, aiding them with fitting and also educating them about her product. This is the selling point she uses because she feels that their feet are as valuable to her as her shoes.

The bold entrepreneur would love to have every South African wear her brand, but first she longs at expanding and creating stations in all nine provinces. She would like to have people retail her shoes around the country as she intends getting to a point where all her customers have the same experience when buying.

If you are looking at retailing or purchasing Exotic Sandals, reach out to Kgomotso Neo Khonou on Instagram @ExoticSandalsSA, Facebook @Sexy Summer Sandals and also on Twitter @ExoticSandalsSA. For a quicker response, WhatsApp the number +27 84 463 9818.


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