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Dunga’s car simulation technology for learner drivers

Young people getting deprived of things that will better their lives and their communities is something black businesses nowadays are seeking to tackle. It is the youth doing their bit to ensure that others are on par with what is happening currently, not only in the country but the world at large.

There have been a significant number of people calling on government to introduce lessons that will help young people get their much needed driver’s license. Many have been coming up with the suggestion of having more useful school subjects; ones that will shape a person’s character after high school or help them become more employable.

For Dunga Car Simulation Technology, they seek to make acquiring drivers licenses easier and safer. They understand that introducing such programs in high schools would help learners finish school with their driver’s license and be well equipped with essential skills. Speaking to Innocent Mathonsi founder of the company, he believes it would help curb corruption which involves buying of licenses. With programs such as these, they would be cutting out on the illegal desperate measures people tend to take to obtain drivers licenses faster. Most importantly, this will assist the youth to be ‘employable at a tender age.’

The 100% township based black owned company originates in KwaZulu-Natal, eMandeni area. In addition to car simulation, Mathonsi’s successful youth driven company also specialises in Dunga Intervention and Development as well as L&K Health. He is also the executive member & co-founder of Africa Energy Solutions. Since its inception, the company has gained much needed recognition as they were finalists at the Soweto Business Stars in the year 2016.

“The company was inspired by my personal experiences coming out of varsity without a driver’s license. This was a difficult experience for me especially when it came to getting a job. So I told myself this should end with me. Then my partner and I started the business. At first it was as an idea in 2014 but now we are living a reality,” he said.

Mathonsi together with his dedicated team have an active brand presence as they go on several mainstream media houses to promote their car simulation business. Recently, they were at eNCA to talk about how they train better drivers, especially now that the festive season is upon us. Click ON THIS LINK to watch the interview.

”Only in simulation can we put your drivers in dangerous situations without actually putting them in danger. When facing a dangerous situation in the real world, it is not so important what you know, but more about what you do.

Simulation allows you to practice [how to react] if a hazardous situation should it present itself, giving you the best possible chance of surviving or avoiding a crash. Also, simulators have proven to be far more effective in the amount and retention of knowledge versus conventional classroom teaching,” Mathonsi explained.

Dunga Simulators is now embarking on roadshows to promote the techovative business and for market survey purposes all around the country. Hoping the government can intervene, he said: “We wish government can subsidies our company for a proper production in the country to employ more young people and be a sense of hope in the townships”

Mathonsi can be contacted on mobile: +27 81 285 0896 / +27 72 434 8042 and on twitter @innocentmathons


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