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eKasi experience with a vibe like no other

Enjoy a family fun filled market that does not only seek to bring people together through fashion, art and music! Here is an event that also showcases eKasi’s finest cuisines by promoting various local food vendors whilst the crowd is enthused by local talent.

Established in the year 2016 by Thandeka Cusi Elihle in Newcastle, the Social Market Experience is a successful movement that has gained momentum over the course of its existence. If you’re a regular viewer of the show Mi Kasi Su Kasi, then you would have probably witnessed it for yourself, as she has made an appearance on the show.

Through the popularity and massive support it has received, the monthly social event looks to branch out to various areas such as Ladysmith, Vryheid, Osizweni and Volkrust. The year 2020 looks to be bigger for the movement as they anticipate conquering other cities.

Nothing is off limits for the organising team as they also have book stalls where authors are given the platform to market their latest work, health and beauty initiatives as well. Their recent event, which is a monthly affair, the Social Market Osizweni Experience was a huge success and if the pictures are anything to go by, the audience was thoroughly satisfied and the concept lived up to expectations.

Thandeka spoke proudly on the success of the event and shared these few words: “The Social Market Osizweni Experience was a pretty amazing one, seeing how people came out in their large numbers to support and be part of the movement. From live performances, DJ sets and the community, we had a very beautiful event.”

A believer in trying things rather than having ‘what ifs’, Thandeka gained the courage to start her own business after being a vendor herself during her college years and was a people’s person. The founder and organizer is not only a young entrepreneur – however, hailing from Newcastle in KwaZulu-Natal she has always been a person to help the community by uplifting local businesses and putting talented people on – cementing her name as a girl who had no financial support to starting a successful business. She is someone who is well recognised in the entertainment industry.

Not looking to limit her talents, Thandeka has managed to form other businesses by starting her new marketing and events company Smn Events. The sole focus of the company is hosting corporate events, team building, picnic festivals and wedding planning. In the near future her other business, a shisanyama joint will launch in Vryheid in conjunction with King Shenge Village.

“My biggest achievement this year has to be being able to stand on my own two feet event though I almost lost the whole movement early this year. I chose to stand strong no matter what. One day I would love to own my own piece of land so I can be able to host bigger and better markets,” she said.

Not looking to spill the beans on their next event that will be taking place on the 5th of January 2020, the Khazins Shisanyama Osizweni will be an occasion of a lifetime. Thandeka says attendees can expect a riveting line-up of entertainers, and an even bigger twist in the overall setting of the event.

Conquering the 3 biggest cities in the country is also on the books for her and she has her eyes on the city if gold, Johannesburg. They can be reached on their Facebook and Instagram pages as ‘Social Market Movement’. Alternatively you can contact them via WhatsApp on +27 76 826 6896.


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