Nail Technician with a personality to match her talent

A self-taught nail artist has shaken the beauty industry with her dazzling work, leading to a massive clientele wanting to visit her shop for the best services in Durban. Fundiswa Ngwane describes herself as someone who grew up in a rural area that has an eye for lavish things and the drive to succeed in all she does.

With no qualification in the beauty industry, the artist managed to receive lessons from another nail tech on how to do nails the accurate way. After working for someone else for a year, she saw the need to open up her own shop to showcase the talent she has. It has only been a month since she started her own brand called Nails by Fundii and the feedback from customers has been an eye opener for her.

“I learnt my craft through someone talented and it only took me a week to be as good as I am, I trust my work to an extent where I am proud to tell people I am the best at what I do. Doing the designs is an easy task, therefore, I put my focus on the shape in order for my consumers to leave my shop with the best nail art,” she claims.

What makes the beautician stand out is the fact that she offers customer services that keeps her clients happy and on their toes until their next appointment. Another fact she emphasizes is that her personality is a key factor in making her shop blossom, as she told us that when you give manicures with a smile on, your clients feed off your energy. Ngwane also dedicates all her time to accommodate everyone working both day and night shift, which is why she opens as early as 6am.

She charges a fee of R200 for one colour and R250 for any custom-made design, whereas a combo for manicure and pedicure costs an amount of R380. She adds that her price rates are made to attract the youth more because they can bring her more clients. Ngwane avoids over-charging people that use her services; her reason is that she pushes for her product more than she thinks about profit.

“I always had fear of how things would turn out. I did not believe in myself, I questioned my capability to a point where I was pushed to start my own practice and somehow when I began working on my own, things took a great turn for my business. Everyday is a different day, new customers come in to experience what they heard from a friend or what they saw on social media.”

Nails by Fundii is a one woman venture and in due time she looks at expanding her business to employ other people in the nail industry. Once she has done so, she reckons she would have reached her most significant goal. With that being said, she wants her employees to have the urge to get to work because they feel welcome and it makes the clients feel at home too.

Her remarkable work is available for viewing on Instagram: @fundii_temperance and on Facebook as Fundii Ngwane. Her shop is located in Durban CBD 350, 3RD floor in Pioneer Place on Dr Pixley Kaseme (West Street) and you can reach out to her on +27 73 803 5324. She encourages walk-ins over appointments.

~ fundizungu@ngcoboempire.co.za 


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    Queen says

    Them nails be loud and crazy like she is… They speak flames🔥, joy and happiness😄. Lol I can’t believe I just said that hahaha but she is really good at what she does. You can never go wrong. Is too much 💅👌😍

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    Sinaye says

    Fundii has been my nail technician for 3 years now and I must say that she’s truly the best in the game👌👌👌

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    Ayanda Aio Bindela says

    Fundii is yet the best nail technician I ever met. She takes pride in her job and therefore gives great customer service and is the best in the business. Keep it up girl💅🔥😍

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