Slaqa Salon brings modern haircuts to the township

There are a number of factors that build one’s confidence; it could be through clothing, hairstyles or cars, depending on preference. A barber shop located in Waterloo (North of Durban) is a place many people go to for fresh haircuts that make them feel confident and attractive.

Over three years ago, Ndumiso Chiya followed his calling of cutting, dressing, grooming, styling and shaving hair by starting his own salon that caters for locals in his township. The 21-year-old initially started cutting hair in 2015 as a hobby and a means of securing enough finances to further his studies. He also used some of that money as capital to buy material to build a shelter for his business.

“The name of my salon is Slaqa, it’s a word used to describe something or someone that looks good. For instance, in my case, the customers that used my services would use that word after a haircut to express how pleasant it looks. That is exactly what I want people to experience when they leave my barber. We guarantee that our consumers receive more than what they paid for,” Chiya says.

Because of the unwavering belief that his idea would officially come to fruition, in 2016 Chiya dropped out of college to pursue his passion for hairdressing. It was during his last exam that he started contemplating and weighing his options. “A lot of thoughts crossed my mind in the exam room, till I decided that cutting hair is what I wanted to focus on,” explains the barber.

At first it was difficult for Slaqa to build its clientele. Chiya mentions that many of his current and regular customers promoted his business through word of mouth when they realized how serious and principled he was. Now, the work continues to speak for itself – attracting more people in townships and some parts of Durban, including celebrities.

“Even those who complain about our prices, end up as regulars because our work speaks for itself and it changes how people feel and look,” he proclaims.

Chiya gets his motivation from a quote he relates to that reads: “Only those who are willing to risk going far can possibly find out how far they can go”. To the entrepreneur, this quote means that the risk he took when he established Slaqa has paid off and his business is well on its way to growing into an empire. At the moment, the barbershop has two branches that are up and running; the other one is located in Kwa-Mashu on 145 Ingome Road.

Besides the business aspect of Slaqa, Chiya seeks to arm other barbers with the necessary skills to thrive as hairdressers, which is why he has occupied approximately 25 workers in both shops. He adds that his mission is to franchise his brand for other business associates to venture into Slaqa, even if they are not experienced hairdressers.

For Ndumiso Chiya or his employees’ services, call +27 66 564 178 or +27 79 847 8884. The barbershop also has social media account, Facebook and Instagram: SlaQa Salon.

~ fundizungu@ngcoboempire.co.za


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    Alex says

    Best barber in town…✌🏾

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    Thumeka says

    Ndumiso was the first person to cut my hair andvhe did an Excellent job… I loved what he has done.
    His cuts are a work of ART. 🤗🔥

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