Passionate blogger advocates for women’s liberation

Women in South Africa have been made to feel as though they are less important than men. It may be due to the patriarchy, toxic masculinity and even the laws that govern the country. In some instances, there’s cases of women who have contributed to that by shaming each other; judging their fellow sisters for certain things they may or may not have done.

Thando Nkwane is the Founder of Bare 20 which is a blog created to enabled black women in their twenties to feel comfortable in their skin, a place where women can empower one another to become better people. Her platform has reached numerous women in need of assistance to understand the circumstances they are facing or have gone through.

Writing has always been a passion for the blogger and advocating such a podium has taught her that advice from another female helps to build one’s character. Through her work, she wants people to fathom the concept of being a black woman and being raised in a black household.

“I started writing from the age of 18 and realized that I have a passion for it and since I loved reading, I joined Tumblr for the stories and poetry people posted. However, I realized that I didn’t identify with the content they posted, so I decided to start a blog that would share my personal experiences that other black women would relate to,” she explains.

Using her lived experiences as the content for her posts has made way for the audience to benefit from them, although at times she has to research particular topics that may be relevant at that given moment. For example, she has never been to a therapist for mental issues, but she would still write about the topic since she knows that someone reading her publication may need it.

The main purpose of leading an influential programme is for other black women to realise that there is someone who understands them, that has endured similar setbacks or ordeal as they have. Bare 20 offers more than emotional support, it’s a place to network and for building relations between women from similar walks of life.

“It’s vital to have each other’s backs in a world like this. My biggest wish is for us to become a sisterhood that will be a pillar for one another. We should be able to share our thoughts, projects and jobs in order for all of us to succeed. The struggles we face as women may be identical and if I address that, an individual with the same problem may find guidance from me sharing,” says the blogger.

With all things said, the feminist advises women to be kind to themselves, as mistakes are made in life and learning from them should be a priority. The reason why her blog has become victorious is because she did an introspection and believes every woman should do the same. She emphasizes that, “No matter where life takes you, you should leave your mark as true as you are and never forget that you are a unique print.”

Nkwane sees her blog becoming an crucial tool that will allow communication between creatives as a digital media platform where skills can be improved. She also looks at revamping it into an app where stories can still be told through photography, writing, drawing and audio mixes.

The next step for her is to have podcasts that touch on all the issues she addresses. If you are a female and in need of guidance, visit the website bare20.blog and reach out to Thando Nkwane, freely express yourself because nothing is filtered.

~ fundizungu@ngcoboempire.co.za


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