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Time for Mmusi Maimane to repent and find Inner Peace

As a predominantly misguided and dispossessed native people of South Afrika, there comes a time in each one of us to reconcile with our Soul in a manner that is genuine, courageous and most importantly – true to our human identity or inner being.

The personal reconciliation process may not be easy but is necessary for one to heal and find a way forward. One of the many men who needs deep healing right now is the former “leader” of the Democratic Alliance, Mmusi Maimane. The poor man has been through hell and back under the wing of uGogo Helen Zille, as he attempted to do what no other black person had achieved before; to lead people who once labeled themselves as ‘Europeans’ during Apartheid.

Since Mmusi was elected as the “party leader” up until the day he tendered his resignation, it was clear to see that the guy had been stripped of his dignity and freedom to exercise authority, to a point where he even appeared not only as a stooge, but also a joke in the public discourse. People from all walks of life were finding it difficult to take him seriously – including some of those he tried to lead.

For a dignified man of his character and stature, Mr Maimane had gone in too deep kulento ye ‘One SA for All’ and it began to make his masters very uncomfortable. As great as this slogan may seem, the problem with it is that it was never part of the plan for his handlers. He simply lost the original script and began to believe that he was a proper leader. Wakhohlwa nya ukuthi ama 1652’s were using him for fronting while maintaining their core Agenda.

Now the pastor has taken time off to reflect on this bruising journey – which by the way – may have been tricked into assuming the leadership position. As most of these ‘clever blacks’ are often in contest with each other, trying to prove who understands the master’s mandate more than the rest, Mmusi may have been pinpointed after demonstrating all the required attributes better than most of them, without taking into account his leadership qualities at that stage of his career.

As he begins a new chapter, he must reflect thoroughly on what has been and see the DA for what it truly represents. Ayeke lento yakhe yokuba delusional about where we stand as a nation. If he manages to reflect correctly, then his next move shall be fruitful and commendable.

As he decides on the next step to take, these are some of the options available to him:

Does he continue to be actively involved and be at the forefront of politics
Will he join one of the highly funded NGO’s and operate from behind the scene
Should he stay completely out of the game and focus on growing his church ministry

When he finally decides to make the next move, Mmusi would be well advised to consider the fact that he is now a public figure that stands for a particular ideology, and therefore many people rely on him in order to fulfill their socio-political desires. Whether he chose this role or not, that is now irrelevant. The man must finish what he started.

Being the massive political brand that he’s become over the past few years, the former DA “leader” must reposition himself in the minds of his fellow African people and cleanse his bruised image.

What I suggest he does initially is to cut the accent and speak normally njengensizwa ensundu. Phela manje akasekho obligated to sound appealing to the DA. What’s more important manje is to redeem himself and appeal to the masses, demonstrate a certain level of control, and prove that he is finally in charge of his own actions.

After that he needs to do away with trying so hard to appear as a replica of Barack Obama and/or Nelson Mandela. That was purely a lame DA strategy which won’t fit into the reconstruction of his new image. Thirdly, he must be more frank or unapologetic in his approach to dealing with public matters affecting the citizens on this country. Lento yakhe of always trying to appeal to both sides of the political spectrum (rich & poor) is unnecessary. It doesn’t work in a broken unequal society like South Afrika.

From a much broader perspective, Pastor Maimane has plenty of reconciliation to do. He should be smart enough to understand that his reBranding process will not be complete if he does not take repentant measures, mend relations with different sections of the public who count the most. Here I am talking about the likes of Patricia de Lille, Adv Busisiwe Mkhwebane, Lindiwe Mazibuko, President Jacob Zuma, Afrikan Society at large, the Landless DA members who were brought by him to join the party, as well as his close family/friends who tolerated him when he was in a naïve and gullible state of mind throughout his time as an ineffective leader of the DA.

If Mmusi is able to go back and review History, then re-establish his true Identity, and go on to consider the spiritual connection with his forefathers who were enslaved by the same people he wants to lead; only then would he be strong enough to play a pivotal role in the Emancipation of Afrika. Mina-ke ngithi nje enza kanjalo mfanakithi, ungabe usabheka emumva and your legacy shall be applauded by future generations for the longest of times.


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