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Former ‘Rap King’ merges old and new HipHop on his latest offering

An artiste who once held the title ‘Durban’s Rap King’ has made a massive return to music fraternity. From the age of 14 he created a buzz in the late 90s and today he is considered to be ‘one of the last real ones in the game.’

After laying his pen to rest in the early 2000s because ‘Hip Hop could not pay the bills’, Comet has finally picked up his pen again, and releasing new music. He is all set to regain his title and possibly be one of the greats in SA Hip/Hop.

We caught up with the musician to discuss his much needed return to the business. He lets us in on what he’s been up to and why he returned at this point in his career.

First and foremost, what is your stance when it comes to the current state of SA HipHop, seeing that it has evolved and grown compared to then?

Personally, I think it’s lost a little authenticity. Back in the day, rappers spoke about what was going on in the streets and the everyday life. It was relatable, possibly because rappers were broke back then. And that’s all that was ever spoken about. Rap music is also densely populated now, a lot of wanna be’s.”

With the new generation of HipHop lovers, it must be somewhat challenging to ensure that the new school adapts to the old school. Explain how you ensure that your music appeals to the younger audience.

I have always rapped about my life from the very beginning and I have personally evolved as a person since the 90’s therefore my music has evolved too. I watched HipHop grow and to some extent I was a part of that change and growth.

I have a bar in my ‘Steady But Sure’ mixtape from a song called My Love Letter To HipHop where I say; “I was making moves from a very young age, kids studying for tests I was on stage, until my pops caught wind I was failing grades, my pen dried up and fell asleep on the page.”

I think my music has a bit of 90’s vibe to it because that’s the era my rap skills were born and influenced. Working with new wave artists and keeping my ear to the ground has helped the process. Good music is good music and if I continue to make good music it will appeal to a wider audience, both old and new school. My goal is to bridge both schools of music and just have fun with it. I’m trying to create timeless music that my kids can vibe to one day.”

One can agree that every musician’s sound is distinct – which marks their authenticity. We asked Comet to describe his.

I haven’t thought about my sound but I would have to say it’s a mixture of new wave with a dash of old school funk. As a songwriter and lyricist, I talk about myself, my experiences, the way I see the world, my weird sense of humour and style. I talk about love, heart break, good decisions and a lot of bad choices I’ve made along the way. I talk about everything, but I keep it real and nothing is fake or lies.”

What has been the reception on your latest offering?

I think I shocked a lot of people. I had a lot of things I wanted to say, and I had 16 songs that I eventually trimmed down to 09. The reception was amazing because I needed to emulate the first album and better it. I finally decided that what I had to say mattered and the world needed to hear me, I still have a lot of people asking me what’s my real name and it’s a trip to see their faces when they realize Comet is my real name. The latest offering is just blowing people away, I’m extremely proud of this All I Can Say project, God is good.

Before wrapping things up, who would you like to work with?

I gravitate to these artists: Blacklez, Maggz, Youngsta CPT, Rouge, Shane Eagle, Emtee, Tshego, Kwesta, J Molly, Dj Speedsta, Reason.”

Lastly, explain your decision not to put your mixtape ‘Steady But Sure’ up for purchase?

I gave it out for free because I could afford to, I think my 9 to 5 was paying well enough but it was more of a celebration and to get people listening at all costs.”

Download ‘All I Can Say’ by Comet feat Kirsten, via this link: and for ‘Lost Ones’ by Comet feat Maskerade.

For bookings and enquiries; eMail or call Paular Dlamini on +27 73 094 8883


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