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Online shopping facility designed to elevate local businesses

A visionary and innovative thinker from Pietermaritzburg has developed an online shop that enables local business owners to advertise their brands. The brains behind this project is Andiswa Xaba; a graduate from the University of KwaZulu-Natal, who holds qualifications in Media and Cultural Studies, Strategic Corporate Communications and BA in English Literature.

Helping people has always been a massive part of her life. The influence transpired from her family considering that they were also part of community development during her childhood. Despite wanting to be a medical doctor, she fell in the advertising industry and intends to progressing her career in it. For that reason, she recognised that black owned enterprises were not promoted enough and neither are they received accordingly by customers they attempt to attract.

To Xaba’s advantage, having as many qualifications as she does, grants her access to numerous job titles. She is not limited to only one sphere in the working industry. One prominent commodity about her skillset is that she infused it in the services rendered by iZulu. This precisely means that whatever amenity is provided by the company, she has experience in.

“I have always aspired to assist the black community even at an adolescent stage, that’s where the drive came from. I want to encourage developing businesses to succeed and also to create a podium for them to illustrate their field of work,” says the insightful young lady.

iZulu is orchestrated to nurture domestic enterprises. It is also an educational platform for other entrepreneurs to learn that supporting each other as the black community will allow it to grow. Hence, the online shop has made it their priority to empower other brands by rendering their services to them.

Xaba, alongside her partner who is in the Financial sector strive for their company to embrace local traders with exceptional services to make use of the latest promotional and collaborative tools. “We want to enlighten the black community about working together. We aim at reaching out to customers to purchase local items instead of products from a high-profile franchise. We need to build our economy in order to win the battle against poverty and unemployment,” she explained.

The young business-woman believes that African people are skillful, however, they need to realise that they possess everything they require in the spaces they occupy and in their communities. Her goal as an asset in the advertising field is to increase visibility for other companies, managing sales and ensuring that shipping of goods from the manufacturers to the consumer operates smoothly.

In a nutshell, iZulu is a landing space for entrepreneurs to start inventive businesses and for them to produce pronounced services. The online shop was recently launched on 14 September 2019. Business owners can access the website at or on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

For further details, you may call +27 72 186 8490 or eMail or reach her on Twitter & Instagram: @andixaba and as Andiswa Xaba on Facebook.


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