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LLB Graduate channels her energy towards societal upliftment

A well determined writer who is passionate about changing the youth’s perspective on literature, has recently published her very first novel titled ‘Beyond Hopes and Dreams,’ which encourages the youth to take matters into their own hands regardless of one’s background or social status.

Refilwe Matlhoko is a LLB Graduate and currently doing her Masters degree in Taxation at the University of Witwatersrand. Her humble beginnings largely influence the work she does and the principles she stands for today. Growing up in Pachsdraai (North West Province) her single-parent and 5 sibling childhood helped mould the young writer she’s become and was taught a great deal of responsibility and patience by her mother at an early age.

“The situation at home pushed me to do better and be a great person who sets an example to society. I had to appreciate every little thing I got because I was taught that someone out there has got nothing,” said Matlhoko.

Her very first motivational book, Beyond Hopes and Dreams, was launched on August 22 at Wits University, Sturrock Park. It targets the young African adult, whose background is not a measurement of their success and is aimed at people from different walks of life. The one who grew up in a shack headed by their single mother, or the one who grew up with no parents or the young person who had a comfy upbringing in a loving household. Matlhoko’s main aim is to show that there really is no major difference between these people and that there is always a common goal.

Getting a publishing deal was however not easy. Eventually, it was Alfred Ntsetsi Nyamane from the Ramotshere Moiloa Municipality who helped Matlhoko raise funds for her book launch and printing requirements.

The humble writer is on her way to having a best-seller in the country. She uses her literature to educate and empower the youth. Coming from a poor background herself, she places emphasis on the fact that a person’s upbringing is not a dictator of what their future prospects will be.

With the growing concern which alleges that South Africa does not read, it was important that the author is asked the burning question: ‘How are you as a writer planning on getting South Africans into literature again?’ Her response was simple….. “Beyond Hopes and Dreams is on a mission to become a prescribed literature book in South African schools. This will in a way make the book available to scholars, hopefully shaping their views in life and work towards a better future.”

In the book she also addresses some of the social ills that are ruining the country, with the hope to create awareness and enforce change. “I hope for a country that is free from abuse, poverty, joblessness, school related violence and other problems we are facing, that are derailing our society’s progress and ills that are standing in our way of becoming one of the best [nations] in the world.”

Apart from writing, the young lady is also a philanthropist. She is running an NGO called ‘Civil Youth Institute’, where she has worked on a number of projects targeting the youth by developing and motivating scholars from public schools. She hopes this book becomes the huge success that she anticipates not solely for her benefit but for those whom it directly speaks to.

To order the book, contact her by eMail: for R200.00 per copy. Do note that prices are subject to change in the near future!


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