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Dr John Kani call on men in creative industries to speak out!

“In the global push to stop gender-based violence, men need to join forces with women to end violence by men against women and children”, says Dr John Kani, the Special Ambassador of the Market Theatre Foundation.

Dr Kani calls on male artists and celebrities from the theatre, radio and television sector to mobilise their influence and to break the wall of silence and taboo still surrounding violence against women.

Driving his point home, Dr Kani recognises the power of how artists can use their popularity and high profile to shine a much-needed spotlight against femicide and other forms of violence by men against women and children.

“We are visible influencers and it is about time for those of us who can use the ubiquity of our voices and the power of our celebrity status to say, “Enough is enough! The violence must stop now!”, he says.

Dr Kani’s call to end violence by men against women isn’t a once-off theatre production. It’s a passionate call on men in the arts and entertainment industry to support and advance the fight against gender violence; to face and acknowledge this ugly side of humanity.

Dr Kani is supported in his mission by the CEO of the Market Theatre Foundation, Ismail Mahomed and the artistic director James Ngcobo. They call on men in the creative and cultural industries to take a stand and to make their voices heard.

“The Market Theatre Foundation was founded on the ethos of social justice and the institution has a deep legacy of getting artists involved in the cause of human rights”, says Ismail Mahomed, CEO of the Market Theatre Foundation. “By taking the lead from one of our South Africa’s most iconic artists we want men to reclaim the responsibility that we have to end gender-based violence”.

“Many male celebrities are generally hesitant to come on board to speak out against violence by men against women. It is commendable that an artist of Dr John Kani’s reputation and global stature is driving a campaign to get male artists and celebrities to take a stand”, says Zama Buthelezi, the Market Theatre Foundation’s Brand & Communications Manager.

Dr John Kani will address staff of the Market Theatre Foundation in the John Kani Theatre on Friday 6 September 2019 at 14:00. Men from the creative and cultural industries are invited to also come and make their voices heard and to take a firm stand at a time when it matters most.

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