Local hair care brand propels to reach greater milestones

A young woman from Mandeni, a township in the Northern region of KwaZulu-Natal, created her very own unique formula to treat dry fizzy weaves which landed in the shelves of one of South Africa’s competitive retail supermarkets, Camperdown SuperSpar, and is competing amongst top hair brands in the country.

Zinhle Zulu has managed to steer a normalised stereotype where girls were expected to know how to do hair because of their gender, into a lucrative business boasting of countless opportunities. She started styling and braiding her family and friend’s hair since her early days in primary school.

Having worked in a number of salons in Durban, little did she know that her willingness to learn how to do hair at her age would one day make her a hair and beauty entrepreneur today. Even though Zulu never planned on having a business, her determination drove her to launch a successful brand named ‘Zithami Hair and Beauty.’

Like every brand, the name is a pivotal part of the company. The first part of the name ‘Zi’ is derived from her name Zinhle and ‘Thami’ is her daughter’s name. “Everything I’m doing is for her, so I’m hoping this will be a living legacy for her. The company is about bringing confidence in women through beauty.” Said Zinhle.

Zithami hair is only a portion of the company. In addition they also provide beauty services aimed at women for special occasions including but not limited to matric dances, photo shoots and weddings.

Zinhle told us about her partnership with Spar to sell ‘Zithami Anti Frizz spray’ and how it happened. She talks about the importance of mingling in the right circles and having the right contacts for the betterment of your company.

“About 2 months ago, I was speaking to a friend of mine about distribution channels only to find out that he knows a guy who owns a number of retail shops including Spar. So he arranged a meeting for me to pitch my product. The gentleman agreed to give my product a try at one of his branches and should it do well in the market, he will have it sold in more shops. So we are still in that trial phase and I’m hoping people will buy it so that it can be available in more stores.”

The formation of the anti frizz spray started when she formulated her own mixture for personal use and although all the products were of good quality and worked, she always found ways to improve the formula until it gained the recognition from her customers and she then took it from there. Word-of-mouth also played a pivotal role in the growth of her product, hence the success.

Her team is made up close family members and ‘friends’ who are each skilled in different avenues of the company. Although the company is fairly young, should large orders come through, her team deals with all the different aspects and ensures the smooth running of the business.

Zithami aims to be bigger and better, reaching a new market and growing her clientele. In a quest to achieve this, Zinhle is currently looking at the developing new products for both hair and beauty. However, she is in no rush at the moment. Her main focus is promoting the anti frizz spray which is becoming a hit amongst hair enthusiasts.

Zithami products can be purchased from their online shop and delivered countrywide. “We have engaged with other retailers to have our product available at their shops too but the discussions are still ongoing so we can’t [reveal] anything at the moment. But we remain hopeful that we will reach a positive conclusion with them.”

Website: https://www.zithami.co.za/ | Email: zinhle@zithami.co.za

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