Lindiwe sanitary pads impact local communities and organizations

The nationwide debate on affordability of sanitary pads has been ongoing for the longest time and even given birth to the hashtag #IfCondomsAreFreePadsShouldBeToo. Many have also made striking remarks such as “Sex is a choice, menstruation isn’t!”. These were said to shine the light on the fact that many girls, especially from impoverished backgrounds, simply cannot afford sanitary towels and therefore face a perpetual crisis.

Lindiwe Sanitary Pads is a company founded by Lindiwe Nkuna, a 35-year-old, self-funded mother of two who produces quality sanitary towels that are not only affordable but have also become the go-to pads in many NGO’s that run sanitary towel drives. The pads are designed for all women who embark on any activity. With high-end technology that ensures high absorption, anti-leakages, odour locking, anti-bacterial and discretion; they are perfect for physically active women.

When Nkuna started the company in Pretoria last year, she sought to do more than just provide affordable pads for women. She also wanted to breed female entrepreneurs like herself who would become distributors of the product. In addition, the aim was to enter an industry which seems to marginalise girls who cannot afford women’s hygiene products.

The pads, which retail at R13.50, have been purchased by many Non-Governmental Organisations. These foundations (such as the Magrootman Akasi and Zibeko Foundation) run monthly drives to donate pads to girls in local communities. The aim, for them, is to empower the girl child whilst also empowering black-owned businesses.

Magrootman has managed to do its bit for 67 minutes on Mandela Day by raising 160 sanitary pads from Lindiwe pads and other personal hygiene products and donate them to poverty-stricken communities. Lindiwe Sanitary Pads has also partnered with a foundation by Kefentse Mkhari which is running a drive to raise 25 000 sanitary pads and distribute to 25 schools by the 30th of September 2019. People are encouraged to buy the pads and donate them.

“I am currently negotiating with major retailers to stock my products and will make an announcement when that happens, I don’t want to jinx it,” said Nkuna.

The successful businesswoman is looking to expand her products by distributing them across South Africa. However, she encourages people to become distributors and courier to their respective areas, in order to generate income for themselves.

Lindiwe can be found on these social platforms – Twitter: @LindiwePads and Facebook: Lindiwe Sanitary Pads. She can also be contacted on +27 79 383 4112

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