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Mazwi Phungula Landscaping propels beyond expectation

In our country’s current economical state, young people’s dreams seem unachievable. For many, the fear of leaving their nine-to-five job to pursue their own business is what’s causing a decline in the number of young black entrepreneurs in South Africa (as per survey by Seed Academy).

For Mazwi Phungula from Ixopo, KwaZulu-Natal, starting his own company Mazwi Landscaping was a risk worth taking. He took what was once a hobby, something he was passionate about, and transformed it into a business idea. Before he knew it, his business was excelling and succeeding beyond expectations.

Mazwi Landscaping focuses on layout of gardens, planting trees and ground covers, maintenance of the best quality plants, top soil and compost preparations. His work can be recognised in large companies and has built a great clientele.

In an industry that is predominantly white, Phungula was often discouraged by the negativity from close companions and family members that he sustained with his regular job, as well as the dilemma of accessing funding to get his business up and running.

However, with the success of his company, he has managed to hire young people from his community. “I know what it’s like not having a job and the youth in my community has the potential to do great things, we just need opportunities that people in high places are restricting us of,” said Phungula.

He reckons that the problem with established companies is that they close doors for many young business people. Many of them get belittled because of their backgrounds, having no money or for simply being black and having little or no experience in the field. Phungula was motivated by his childhood; the struggles he faced growing up and used that as a driving force to excel. Having to quit his job that sustained him and his family was one of his toughest decisions.

While many entrepreneurs opt to use their businesses as a second source of income, Mazwi needed to invest all that he had because he saw potential in his business and would be able to provide for his family.

“The risk of investing in your own company outweighs the risk of staying at a nine-to-five job where you are underpaid and your future at that company is uncertain,” he remarked.

His future plans are to expand across South Africa and build a bigger client base, as well as working on major cities and parks. Mazwi is also passionate about creating a mentorship programme in the near future that will educate young people on entrepreneurship.

His most recognisable work can be seen in corporate companies such as RPm, Rodel property bridging finance and Buffit, just to name a few. He urges people to support black businesses.

For his services, call +27 65 577 2189 or E-Mail: and you may also visit for more details


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