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Natural approach to beautiful and healthy skin

The beauty industry is relentlessly thriving with thousands of products from various brands promising the desired ‘flawless skin’. What many people don’t realise is that some of these products are laden with chemicals which can do more damage than good for the skin.

Ardently providing a better alternative is Ekurhuleni entrepreneur, Makhetha Mohlomi (29) who manufactures and sells a soap which is sourced from natural ingredients only.

Purerra Organic Soap is a product of Purerra (Pty) Ltd, a manufacturing company that was established in 2016. This new addition to the manufacturing sector has a primary vision of emerging as the leading supplier of organic products whilst ensuring that every client has great skin health.

Talking about his breakthrough soap, Mohlomi says that the inspiration came after doing extensive research on various organic ingredients and their much-needed benefits for the skin.

“I also saw how many people were suffering from different kinds of skin problems and how these ‘normal’ products were not helping and how they were actually making things worse.” 

Mohlomi adds that many people have sensitive skin, which in turn does not respond well to soaps or products containing toxic ingredients. He further explains that by using an organic soap, a person is able to avoid or at least reduce skin problems that are caused by irritating chemical ingredients or pesticides.

This soap, which costs R60.00 a bar, is carefully handcrafted by using essential oils that are extracted from olive, avocado, jojoba and coconut; and is suitable for any skin tone. It is designed to treat various skin problems such as acne, eczema, pimples, dark spots and dry skin by retaining the skin’s natural glow and moisture.

Mohlomi further mentions that using his organic soap does not only benefit humans but also the environment. He says while organic products might not lead the change in saving the world, they certainly support the fundamental effort. It is for this reason that the ingredients are grown without chemicals or pesticides; both of which can pollute the water supply, air and soil. With a number of organic products now going the cruelty-free route (meaning that brands do not use animals to test the products) Purerra Organic Soap is no exception.

Having a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Mohlomi relies on hours and hours of research to ensure that his product exceeds customer expectations in affordability, quality and on-time delivery. He also shared his plans to expand, as he is currently testing personal care products such as lotion, toothpaste and deodorants; which he hopes to launch in May this year.

The hard work never stops because his goal is to continue providing cutting edge and efficient products at the most reasonable rates possible, therefore ensuring that Purerra (Pty) Ltd is remembered with pride 10 years from now.

His store is located in Molefe Street, Kwa-Thema Springs, 1575, Johannesburg. To place an order via social media, visit Purerra Organic Products on Facebook or email or alternatively you can contact Mohlomi on his cell number +27 81 752 6412

~ Thabile Shange

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