Passionate creative yearns for her breakthrough

The Arts and Entertainment industry in South Africa is blessed with incredible talent, and while other provinces like the North West, Mpumalanga and KwaZulu Natal are buzzing with creativity, it is often difficult for creatives to get a breakthrough due to the limited opportunities outside of Guateng.

Attesting to that is Slindile Shozi (26), affectionately known as Slizaza KaGidela, a songwriter, theatre performer, poet and aspiring singer who after many years is still hustling to get her breakthrough.

Born in KwaXimba in Cato Ridge (KZN) Slizaza describes herself as an open book and says that she is not afraid to express her feelings. Those closest to the artist describe her as one of the strongest people they know, because of the many challenges she’s had to face, yet still manages to rise above them.

The passionate artist began her theatre career in 2005 when she was cast in a community stage production where she played the role of a sangoma. Although she was still young at the time, she says that she was amazed by the response which the audience gave. This propelled her to pursue her acting career and harness her talent through auditioning for various roles in a number of community theatre plays. Some of the plays in which she was featured include, The Betrayal Musical, Thokola Themba and Igazi.

Her own definition of an artist is a creative individual who uses their mind, soul, hands, emotions, body and voice to make a difference in their community, or even the world. She says that KZN has a plethora of talent, but admits that that comes with stiff competition, more-so in the acting industry, as there are limited opportunities. It is for this reason that she has made the decision to focus mostly on her theatre career, as she believes that it is the best way to kick-start her Television acting career.

“I do love TV a lot but it isn’t easy to get in as many people think. Casting agencies want to represent people with experience so theatre is the best way to gain experience. It grooms you, sharpens you and it also disciplines you,” she explains.

Talking about the major challenges that young artists face in pursuit of their big break, Slizaza says that the biggest is being taken advantage of from those who want to feed off an artist’s desperation. As actors and actresses, they are constantly approached by scammers who host auditions, claiming to be representatives of big production houses.

”They would sometimes want money from us just because they know how desperate we are and they certainly know how hard it is to get to the top with those who have made it in the industry,” she adds.

In spite of all these setbacks, Slindile strongly believes that her time will come. In the next five years, she sees herself as a successful television actress, presenter and a radio personality. She also wants to produce and direct her own television series.

Interact with her on Socia Media. She is Slizaza Kagidela on Facebook and Instagram. Twitter: @Slizaza_www and she’s also available on mobile: +27 71 782 4912

~ Thabile Shange


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    Mfanle says

    Wow! Loyomphefumulo kodwa my little sister ngyaziqhenya kakhulu ngawe yazi,ngyazi ukuthi nakanjani uzokuthola lokhu okudingayo ngoba uyiphikankani elinenkani enhle kodwa.ngikufisela inhlanhla sthandwa sami ngyazi unesiphiwo owasiphiwa umdali,sifikile ke isikhathi sisebenzise sis wami ubeke indawo yangakithi ebalazweni keep it up (mamazi) love you

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    Nonkanyiso Mlaba says

    I have known Slie for more than 10 years, i have always know shes talented multitalented, she love music and she can sing she love dancing and she can dance, so does does acting, i remember in school she would read the books for us in class she would even change the voice to impersonate the character and we enjoyed listening to her read out to us, i have no doubt that you going far my friend, keep knocking on those day once one door open there will be no turning back.

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    wow,she is my mentor.she is talented,humbled and brilliant,I met with her last year on auditions n i saw dat she got of everything.all de best slie.

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    Sbusiso Gcabashe says

    Oh my friend I’m proud to see you far and I know you are strong and you have a passion ,and I wish her all the best continue to fear God and humble your self by side of the Lord he shall lift you higher

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    CYBO BRAVO says

    My favourite actress. ..Give her a chance on Tv screens,she will blow mzanzi away with her talent..

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    Zafika Ngcobo says

    Slie is one of the people i look up to i’ve known her for a year now but when i am with her it like we’ve known each other for a long time. She will always tell me that i should never ever give up in life. And i thank her for that, uSlie into engithanda kakhulu kuyena ukuthi uyakwazi ukusiza omunye umuntu , Uyathanda ukubona omunye umuntu ephumelela empilweni.I only have 1 wish for her, For God to bless her with everything beautiful in life nd Grant her every dream she has.I LOVE YOU Slizaza

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    Syabonga Sbu says

    Wow all i can say is that this creative soul never gives up..She always push ,in this industry you have to get used to rejections but She refuse to allow fear and rejection stands in her way..one of strongest people I know..I know she will make it because of her persistence and determination…Lots of love for this Woman and i am also proud❤

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    Sanelisiwe Mlaba says

    I’ve known Slizaza KaGidela for more than 10 years, I’ve learnt a lot from this soul, she had face hardship and been down for so many times but on top of that she never gives up on something she wants. What I love the most about her is whatever opportunity she gets she grabs it with both hands it doesn’t matter how complicated it is or her situation is. I surely know that if she ever succeeds in this industry she will groom those following her because she never forget where she comes from. That’s the Slizaza I know. I wish her success in everything.

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