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Aderemi drops some ICE on a new wavy track

Describing his music style as unique and versatile, Nigerian-based artist Remi, whose real name is Bankole Aderemi (21) releases his brand new single, Ice on You featuring Shofela.

It is no doubt that West African music, especially Afrobeats, is taking over and the world is listening and dancing to the wavy sound. But with a striking combination of contemporary hooks and chanting vocals, Remi classifies his sound as Afropop; also owing to his fresh take on the complex intersecting rhythms and percussions that engulf this genre.

Blending three languages which are, Yoruba, English and Pidgin, #ICEonYOU illuminates the vast scope of Remi’s musical and lyrical vision, while his signature intro “R.E.M.I” (a smooth vocal of his name) gives a Reggaeton vibe.

“I always try to make music for everyone, be it local or international because with my music I don’t believe in limitations.” 

The concept of #ICEonYOU is simply that he has seen a lot of beautiful girls, but he has his eyes and diamonds (ice) only on one particular girl. Remi says that he could have settled on ‘Eyes on You’ as a song title, but his quirky creative mind decided on ‘Ice on You’ instead because it is not common. On the track he discourages cheating in relationships, and says that he dedicates this banger to every ‘one woman’ man because that’s who he is.

Click here to download the new song, as well as the BONUS TRACK he recorded with Abiouvat & Abisco.

Working with producer, Bigman and featuring one of his idols, Shofela, Remi says that it was quite challenging but most importantly a great privilege and an opportunity for him to be a better version of himself and leave his comfort zone.

“I tried being me while still trying to live up to their style of music and standard. I am glad that we made something classic and I see myself working with them on more projects,” he explains.

With upcoming tours and major collaborations in his soon to be released EP, #ICEonYOU gives Remi’s fans a third eye view of what is in the pipeline.

~ Thabile Shange

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