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Refreshing taste for smoothie addicts and people on the move

It is no doubt that most of us live busy lives in this day and age. So often in the mornings, many people are guilty of grabbing anything edible in sight when dashing out to school or work. Unfortunately this equates to lesser intake of healthy foods that are beneficial to the wellbeing of our bodies.

Smart enough to come up with a convenient way of making sure that people are able to have a quick breakfast that contains all the nutrients needed by the body is Nompakamo Dzanibe; a 24-year-old journalism graduate and founder of Smoothie Addicts.

Her brand essentially started with packs that all you needed to do was blend and enjoy. Dzanibe then received a great amount of customers who wanted to have smoothies but did not want to go through the hassle of cutting fruit and blending it for themselves, something which is time consuming and would make them late for work.

She then introduced ready-made smoothies and was pleasantly surprised to realise that she had successfully sold 200 units in the first two weeks of business.

Now, Smoothie Addicts consists of ‘to make at home packs’ and ‘ready to drink’ products. The range has breakfast smoothies (which is a delicious blend of muesli, banana, strawberry, yogurt and honey), detox smoothies as well as smoothies for everyday consumption.

They are 100% fruits & vegetables and have no added sugar. Honey is used to sweeten some of the smoothies. Not only are they a delicious meal replacement but they come with a lot of benefits which include helping with regulating the system of the body and bowel movement.

The breakfast smoothie in particular is one of the customers’ favourite and contains ingredients that help fill you up for longer, eliminating any temptations to feed on junk food. The detox smoothie on the other hand simply cleanses one’s system and is also great for the skin.

All of Dzanibe’s smoothies are made by order and she doesn’t make smoothies to keep. This is to ensure that their freshness is well maintain. She has loyal customers across Durban and her prices range from R25.00 to R40.00.

When speaking about future plans for her brand, this is what she said: “One thing I want the business to do is start delivering to customers because not everyone wants to get up from the comfort of their home to pick up their weekly supply of smoothies.”

The stress of her customers driving or taking a taxi to Durban Central for the collection of smoothies can be too much for them, meaning that she sometimes ends up losing a potential order. Another concern for her is not being able to produce larger quantities currently, but hopes to solve this problem by raising enough cash to acquire the necessary equipment.

As early as next year, Dzanibe wants to achieve her wildest dream of owning a smoothies bar.

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Posted by Smoothie Addicts on Sunday, 3 June 2018


For orders, send a WhatsApp message to +27 60 647 0091 or call +27 67 168 4641 and follow them on Instagram: @smoothie_addicts

~ Thabile Shange

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