Flamboyant model taps into the food business

With the country’s increasing rate of unemployment, especially amongst the youth, it is incredible to see that more and more young South Africans are taking risks and starting their own businesses. One such individual who decided to risk it all and tap into the food business by opening his own eatery, is model and photographer Tharollo Kabelo Dibakoane (24).

Originally from Buffelshoek (in Bushbuckridge, Mpumalanga) and now based in Pretoria, Dibakoane opened LA HALA GOOD FOOD (named after ‘Hala’, his late brother’s nickname) in September this year.

Located in Atterigedeville, La Hala is a fast and casual restaurant that offers nothing but good vibes and good food. Mainly serving fast food, the menu consists of meals such as burgers, grilled chicken wings, hot dogs, salad and sphatlo (kota) and chips – which Dibakoane prepares with the help of two friends.

What he deems as one of his draw cards is how he strives to treat his customers equally and goes to the extreme to make sure that they leave his restaurant satisfied; so that they will not hesitate to visit again. It also helps that the recipes for his scrumptious meals are hard to beat!

As a young entrepreneur, Dibakoane says that his family and friends have been very supportive in his journey. Being raised by a single mother and his grandmother has taught him a great deal in life.

Citing ugogo as his greatest inspiration for this business venture, he says that she has been into the business of selling fruits and vegetables for over 30 years – making sure that he and his siblings have pocket money for school. Therefore, it was no coincidence that he followed suit.

His mother however, being an overprotective parent was uncomfortable with his ambitions.

“She’s always against my ideas when I want to embark in huge risks. She’s conditioned to keep me from falling and getting hurt. That’s the love of a parent,” Dibakoane says.

Although huge business risks are capable of yielding great success, they are also met with many challenges. One of the greatest has been a lack of finances but the young entrepreneur says he refuses to stop searching for solutions. He points out that as an entrepreneur, the pressure comes when you want to outsmart your competitors, especially in this sector.

Asked what has been the biggest mistake he has made thus far, Dibakoane mentioned that it was investing in and depending on other people because it made him forget that he is the only one responsible for turning his life around.

“I stopped making excuses of which had delayed my progress. Mistakes offer us a powerful way to learn and grow.” he says.

Follow him on social media. Instagram: @tharolloKabelo & Facebook: Tharollo Kabelo Dibakoane

~ Thabile Shange


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    Puledi says

    Big up bro

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    Itumeleng says

    It’s always good to see young people making moves in life and not waiting for their parents to feed them.
    This is true meaning of inspiration, you doing well for yourself Tharollo… #BIG UP!!

  3. Reply
    Miranda says

    I am very proud of You, You are a brave hard working young man and Your an inspiration. May god Bless you.Big up ??

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    Vince The Poet says

    I Met Him In His High School Time As A Public Motivational Speaker i noticed a multi talent in him and I had a chat with him several times and he told me how inspired he is and how ambitious he is to start his own business one day and today his dream came true. Am very proud of him, we always motivate each other. His now my business partner in the entertainment industry… I wish him providence ‘the kindness of fate and good ‘ in all his endeavors. May God bless and prosper his business abundantly.

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    Imagine says

    Wow T! I’m so proud of you and excited to see you moving on like this. The best is yet to come bro ? #TeamCreatives

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    Abegail says

    Your truly an inspiration, no doubt!
    You have always been ambitious and ready to make things happen ; you’ve already gone so far in such a short time, I know you’ll continue to prosper and succeed. ” O maka tsona ” – Continue making us proud! ✊

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    Khensani Mashele says

    ? yazi you’re going places…

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    Godfrey says

    I am inspired by Tharollo and his achievements so far. Buffelshoek is proud of you, bhotemnyana(younger brother). Keep it up.
    It is young people like you that the world needs.

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    Dimakatso says

    Big up to u dear

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    Success says

    I’m proud of him and also inspired. I only know that you can buy a book to read but you can’t buy knowledge. It is important to take risk. Good things come to those who struggle to have

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