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Rihn Tihn Tihn invests her energy towards the ultimate prize

Life experiences often prove to us, time and again, that Black Women are flowers tha bloom without being watered sufficiently. Of late, they have been springing up from all different spheres of life, doing amazing and iconic things for themselves. This further proves the fact that Black Women are the future and that the future is now!

One of the many women who embody these extraordinary qualities of tenacity and excellence is Refilwe Hazel Rabotapi, a recording & performing artist commonly known as Rihn Tihn Tihn.

Refilwe is 20 years of age and was born in Pretoria at One Military Hospital. Both her parents have since passed on – leaving her to be raised by the sister of her late father. She grew up in Tshwane and later moved to Jo’burg, and is currently doing her second year in social work at the University of Free State.

“In the next five years I will be an inspiration, a mentor and a South African female rapper who’s broken records and passed high calibers. I will be a mogul in the making.” 

Rihn’s introduction to the industry began in the year 2014 through poetry at the Pretoria State Theatre, where she became a slam champion. She later excelled to the floors of the Johannesburg Theatre taking part in the “state of poetry” and even giving writing workshops by the sweet age of 16.

It is those slick rhymes and writing skills which then propelled Rihn into Rap music. She describes her style as a mixture of conscious rap, trap and boom bap; which altogether depicts a combination of her tenacity and femininity.

Rihn’s hunger for prosperity led her to joining Kovsie FM and Kovsie TV in 2017. “I look up to entrepreneurs like Mme Basetsana Khumalo for strength, courage and guidance of how to always keep my head high. In the music industry I look up to Nicki Minaj. The calibers she has reached encourage me to reach for new heights. Female rappers weren’t taken too seriously before her arrival into the game and she kind of paved a way for us young talents,” she said.

As an artist that is on her ‘come-up’ not getting gigs on a regular basis is one of her biggest concerns yet. She tells us that some people often try to take advantage of her hunger for success. “If you’re not careful, especially as a female, they will exploit you. Being underestimated because I’m a female is one of the most frustrating things; not being able to have a fair chance; having to always fight to get a chance is agitating,” she explained.

As she continues to face these and many other challenges, her fans can look forward to some of the stuff she’s planning for the near future. She will be dropping more music soon. There are a few TV appearances lined up for her and she’ll also be launching a YouTube channel very soon.

You may follow Refilwe on social media. She is RihnTihnTihn acroos all platforms.

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