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Providing the necessary aid for learners who want to excel

When it comes to subjects like Mathematics, Accounting and Science, a number of South African learners struggle. Extra lessons or tutoring classes are always needed to help learners excel academically.

‘Tutors Near You’ is a private company which was founded in 2016 by two directors, Nomusa Zungu and Vincent Samukelo Masango. Their aim is to offer tutoring services for learners from pre-primary through to high school by acting as an intermediary between those clients and tutors.

During Vincent’s years as a Bachelor of Education student, he would tutor a lot of learners and through that experience, he gained knowledge on the tutoring business and client preference. At a later stage, he realized that there were many other people studying in the field of education who wanted to tutor and earn extra money; and so this gave birth to the Tutors Near Year startup.

“Our tutors are very mainstream and in fact, not a huge number of them are educational specialists or in the field of education.”

When it comes to choosing their tutors, however, Vincent explained that they are thorough. Once they have received applications of interest, applicants undergo a screening process where their applications are checked against the company’s criteria.

“A criterion that promotes the safety of our clients, ensures expertise, character and experience. As a tutor you need to be competent in one or two subjects which you wish to tutor and there must be a proven record of your competence in those subjects,” he said.

Even though learners with special needs are often outside the scope of experience and expertise that their tutors possess, Vincent highlighted that tutoring is always dependent on the client’s requirements and whether they, as Tutors Near You, have a tutor who is equipped to meet them.

“We are currently going through a modification process with the company and people can expect a completely new look, a new website and some more exciting changes,” Vincent added.

In just over a year of existence, Tutors Near You have worked with many clients that have been pleased with the results. “When I took on a tutoring job, because sometimes I get involved depending on my availability, I was assisting a grade 4 learner with mathematics and his parents were almost convinced that he had a barrier to mathematics. In just a week the learner had completely changed his attitude towards the subject and he was beginning to grasp concepts that seemed impossible at first. That epitomizes who we are as Tutors Near You and the difference we make in people’s lives,” he explained.

Some of the many tutors they have partnered with are Zoe Egling, who excels in assisting clients with Afrikaans and Glenn Mavhungu who specialises in Mathematics.

For parents wanting the best academic results for their kids in Mathematics, Accounting, Physical Sciences, English and South Africa languages, Tutors Near You offers a variety of packages ranging from one-on-ones to group sessions. One of the packages provided include a 1 Hour Session at R265; this package consists of 5 lessons. Learners are also given homework assistance, test/examination preparation and general subject assistance depending on the package offer.


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