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Interior Design company with accolades to back it

Having been rejected to enroll for architectural studies at the Durban University of Technology (DUT), Nhlakanipho ‘Ifani’ Nkosi never imagined that he would one day be the CEO of an up-and-coming interior graphics company called SINN Creatives.

Nkosi says that being rejected broke his heart (more so because he did not have an alternative) but through exploring and research, he was introduced to interior design. “I wrote and failed an entrance test for Architectural Studies. It was then when I had to look for alternatives. With Interior Design and Architectural studies sharing more similarities, I fell in love with some person’s work, whom at that time had recently designed a store”.

The 24-year-old entrepreneur says that he attained technical and vocational skills in class and executed that knowledge through the usage of Lumion, Adobe, Photoshop, SketchUp, Illustrator InDesign and AutoCAD, which then inspired the birth of his business, SINN Creatives. The company does 3D interior and exterior designs, corporate designs and layouts, customized prints, flyers, calendars, logos and specialises in topography.

With much of the support coming from students and companies that need their business image branded, the aim for SINN Creatives is to introduce and sell unique designs at affordable costs.

As one of the first companies to use the combination of graphic and interior design, one would expect that Nkosi uses every opportunity he gets to make as much money as possible, but this is not the case, as customer service is a priority, which is why his first consultations are free.

“What makes SINN Creatives shine above the rest is that it always strives to meet clients’ needs at all times at a reasonable price. We also have a good working relationship with our clients and we stay updated with trends and technology,” he said.

Not only does Nhlakanipho excel in giving his clients quality service – on the 10th of November, his work received acknowledgment at the Interior Design Digifest Awards hosted by the Department of Interior Design. He was awarded the first price for outstanding portfolio, 2nd place for presentation methods and 3rd place for best designer. He said these awards will help boost his confidence going forward and will contribute more in improving the business image.

“As a person who started this course without any arts foundation and having to undergo an extended programme before getting to first year, seeing myself scooping awards gives me so much happiness. It will also help boost the image of SINN Creatives as people will relate to my portfolio,” said Nkosi.

SINN Creatives’ future aims are to expand its offerings by opening their own studio; taking business to other provinces and target providing design services for big brand shops, hotels and churches.

Instagram: Sinn Creatives
Facebook: Nhlakanipho Ifani Nkosi

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