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DJ Kabila back with more zest and zeal

Not knowing what tomorrow has in store for us is somewhat one of the hardest realities that one faces in our everyday lives, because life can change at any given moment within a blink of an eye.

For instance, encountering disability during the first year of getting your major breakthrough to do something you love for a living, would seem as a severe setback for many people. What happens next? Do you weep or embrace the challenge that life has thrown at you?

Having gone through that exact situation by being involved in a car accident back in 1999, founder of a non-profit organisation Beyond Disability, Siyanda Makhanya aka DJ Kabila had to deal with the process of losing most of his mobility. He now aims to empower people who are living with disability through entertainment and other progressive means.

“In most places that I was called upon to work as a deejay, it was very rare to see a disabled person in the crown. I therefore noticed that there was a huge attendance gap between disabled people and abled-bodied,” said Kabila.
Through his personal experiences and hardships of accessibility in venues, he since realised that it required too much of an effort to get to certain venues because the places were generally not accommodative to people living with disability.

As difficult as it is, Kabila says it was easier for him to get help because it was a duty call, but at the back of his mind, he would think of difficulties a normal disabled person undergoes when trying to access such venues.
“Beyond Disability seeks to influence owners and custodians of social spaces to introduce changes that will accommodate disabled people because we want to have fun too,” he said.

Part of the duties they set for themselves as a Foundation, is pushing the motion of sustainability, which will focus mainly on the strength of disabled people instead of their weaknesses.

The Umtata born house music deejay says what happened in 1999 puts him in a position of becoming a light bearer to youngsters. For that reason, he is embarking on a journey to encourage them to follow their dreams and not use disability as an excuse.

“As a fun loving person who is passionate about music and young talent I believe that God wants something out of me. He put me in this position in order to empower the youth and give them hope that will drive them to follow their dreams even if they are disabled,” said Kabila.

New age (Soul-Brothers) united by love for the arts, music runs through our melanin veins. God,please continue blessing our journey!

Posted by DJ Kabila on Tuesday, 14 November 2017

With a successful music career, he praises his loyal friends in the industry who have become his pillar of strength through difficult times when he had no funds to do campus, schools, and care-centre tours for his organisation.

Now, he is planning to launch his Party With A Purpose project, which seeks to unite both the disabled and abled-bodied communities and enable them to share social experiences and educational information.

“This party will take place next year on the 3rd of December, aligning it with International Day of Persons with Disabilities. On that day we shall have music entertainment, different art exhibitions and family fun activities,” said Kabila.

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