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Aewon Wolf launches the Durban Lifestyle Centre

Following Aewon Wolf’s announcement (on social media platforms) about the launch of his very own lifestyle centre, the Ngcobo Empire team saw it fit to make its way to the auditions – which took place this past Saturday, 14 October.

The search for young Durban Creatives began at midday, with the atmosphere moving from intense to electrifying as different performers unleashed their artistic skills to impress Aewon Wolf and his panel of judges. Rappers, vocalists, beatboxers, music producers and dancers were among the hundreds who auditioned.

Addressing the crowd, Aewon Wolf said the main aim of his incubation program (where artists will have access to music studios, instruments, concert venues, photo studios and more) is to  help young artists sharpen their skills and possibly shape their future.

“We are going to help you [artists] out with fine tuning your tracks, share knowledge of the industry and we’ll have a mentor for every category who will interact with the artists,” he said.

Apart from stage entertainers, Aewon also highlighted that the auditioning opportunity was opened to graphic designers and photographers alike.

With the contestants only getting one minute to showcase, tyro music producer Leeva Donovat gave a presentation that was nothing short of the description “performance of the day” as he thoroughly impressed the crowd and judges.

When we spoke to Donovat he said: “Aewon needs to be given recognition for finally doing this for not only musicians but for all Durban Creatives. We have so many good graphic designers and some people in the music industry that we as Durban City lose to cities like Johannesburg and Cape Town”.

Hip Hop artist, El Evans, who said that he had been waiting for an opportunity of this nature for a very long time, also left the judges and the crowd asking for more as he delivered his bars with swagger.

“For someone who has put their whole life into music, an opportunity like this means everything. If our act today was enough to see us through, it will mean bread and butter to me,” El Evans said.

Initially, Aewon was in search of 30 amazingly talented artists, but due to a huge turnout, he further mentioned that he’ll be working hand in hand with his selected group of 30 people whilst helping those who did not make the cut but demonstrated great potential.

“For those who won’t make it now, it doesn’t mean the end of the road for them. We’ll continue holding such auditions after every three months,” said the Wolf.

The successful thirty will also be awarded a mentorship programme, and as a bonus, they will get to see American rap trio Migos performing live at the Durban ICC Arena on Friday, the 20th of October.

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