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Infusing various genres to fine tune his craft

When a satisfactory number of listeners decide that an upcoming artist is ‘the future’ by showing their support, it becomes enough motivation for any artist to keep going.

Testament to this statement is the Durban born artist, Quinton Phamandla Phini (a.k.a Quintini), whose music style infuses fresh sounds of pop, trap, and R&B.

Quintini shared with us that the music bug bit him at the early age of eight – which is when he wrote his first song. He later went on to kick-start his music career in 2014 where his music was spread through online downloads. “I am working on pushing myself to be a well-known artist and reach my dreams of winning awards and filling up stadiums,” he said.

The young muso explained that he does not believe the secret to a successful music career lies in working with well-known artists. He believes it is better to find your own sound before working on major collaborations.

“I do not aspire to work with anyone famous as yet. I am just willing to focus on self-growth for now and push my two projects,” Quintini added.

He further explained that his style is a lot more unique, due to the fact that many of the younger artists are not into infusing different genres of music, as he is focused on doing.

Quintini’s “never say die” attitude has seen him work hard in marketing his single entitled Immortality, which is featured on his latest album, All In Due Time. For this offering, he worked with a team of talented young artists and songwriters, such as Phinie, Black Weed, Mic Core and CAT.

This promising 22-year-old singer, rapper and all-round visual artist is currently working on distributing his latest album, All in Due Time – which has 12 tracks.

“My full project (All In Due Time) is thus far my greatest artwork. It is a 12 track ‘no skip’ album that unravels my current life struggles of trying to make my dreams come through. The album was put together to satisfy all types of listeners from vocal sing alongs, hand clappers, and vibe out beats kind of music lovers,” he added.

Although Quintini studied music production at Creative Arts College, he says that it did not turn out as he had expected. He made the decision to drop out mid 2015 and solely focus on his music hustle.

“I felt bad for dropping out because when I start something I always aim to finish it. My studies weren’t as much amusing as I thought they would be. I never learned much, so I then decided that instead of wasting money, I’d rather focus on pursuing my talent,” he said.

This is a decision he says he does not regret making, at all. And what gives him the stamp of approval is the gradual increase in the number of fans, more so now that his song, Immortality, has been rocking on radio stations such as East Coast Radio and Inanda FM.

Follow Quintini on his personal social media accounts: Facebook & Instagram or send him an email to: and you may also text him on +27 (78) 668 5972 for more info.

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