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Dining with Chef Scott

Andile Sikhakhane is the founder of The Culinary Experience and is popularly known as Chef Scott.

At 23 years of age, he is already a well travelled connoisseur of good food. Andile studied Catering Management at The Durban University of Technology, and says that he is still furthering his studies at this very institute.

Having worked at various establishments around Durban and South Africa, at large, and also boasting experience from abroad, you can be sure to find a variety of cuisines at The Culinary Experience – which takes place every two months.

Scott informs us that he quit his last job, abroad, to come back to South Africa to further his studies whilst establishing a name for himself as a gourmet caterer and private chef in the industry. “I believe I can help restaurants reach their goals in growing if they allow me to play around with their menus and train their staff”, Scott said.

The inception of The Culinary Experience is mostly owed to the positive responses Scott received on his social media pages, whenever he posted pictures of the different meals he made. This is how he was motivated to give people a culinary experience, at affordable prices, knowing that this would attract a greater clientele for his desired goals.

“Culinary Experience works as a marketing strategy to get me the clients I need in the near future. It is much better and easier for a client to contact me for my catering services once they have tasted the Culinary Experience.” 

In association with Remy Martin, The Culinary Experience includes food pairings and Scott says that he is looking forward to working with other brands; more especially food brands.

One of his goals, in terms of growing the business, is to open his very own restaurant so that he can assist younger chefs with the experience they need to become the best they can be. At the moment, Scott is working with chefs whom he describes as very talented and says he assists them in any way possible.

“Unemployment is very high in South Africa. Therefore it makes me happy knowing that I can assist where I can. I’m currently helping one of my Assistant Chefs get a job abroad with my past employer. Personally I’ve never had anyone assist me with finding a job abroad, but I like to help where I can and I will not let talent go to waste” he added.

The greatest challenging for Chef Scott, is getting big brands to work with him. He says that it’s even harder when you’re not well known. “Brands are more likely to work with a celebrity who knows nothing about the culinary field and have them represent a product, than to give a well-trained qualified chef an opportunity”, Scott said.

Although this may be a setback in as far as his goals are concerned, Scott says that he is overwhelmed by the response he gets at every Culinary Experience he hosts. “The response my business has been getting is quite amazing and can proudly say that my brand is growing. The more the growth, the more I get to hire people based on their specialities.”

For more information, contact Chef Scott on: +27 (62) 365 6425 or send an email to: and you may also visit 

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