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Why wait?

You’ve all heard this at some point before: “Why wait?” Why wait to do the things you’ve always wanted to do? Why wait until it’s too late. Why wait to ‘live your best life’? Why, why, why?

It’s the world’s most valid question. WHY are you waiting? You are the only person and obstacle standing in the way of doing any and all of the things that you truly want to do. You’re the only person who can unlock the greatness that you harbour. You are the only person who can propel your life up to the skies and beyond – up to wherever it is where your goals lie.

So. Why wait?

Why wait until you’re 99 years old, sitting on the porch, slight breeze blowing, telling your great-grandchildren about the acres of regrets that fill up your lonely days. Why wait until you can no longer do those things? I’m painting a pretty bleak picture because that’s exactly the danger of putting off for another day what you’ve been procrastinating over for the past week, past year, past lifetime.

I ask this again: why wait?

Why not light the fire in your belly, take a long, deep breath. And dive in. Dive in and make the biggest splash that’ll send ripples around the globe. Let your presence be felt. Soak in the glory of adventure.

Forget about what people will say. Forget about the haters (they’re always there anyway, being all annoying and irrelevant). Forget even about the doubts that plague your own head. Doubts are your inner being telling you to hold back when you should be jumping in wholeheartedly.

If you’re not doing what you love, you’re wasting your time and talent. 

In the interests of not wasting time, stop what you’re doing, and rather do what you love. Just beyond the horizon of the everyday, is everything that you’ve ever possibly dreamed of. And it’s so within your reach I’m sure you can probably taste it and feel it wriggling down your throat sensationally. It’s all within the broad strokes of your horizon, beckoning you in the distance.

So. Why wait? Seriously, what are you waiting for? Tomorrow is never EVER guaranteed and wouldn’t you rather the world end while in the middle of chasing your dreams?

So today I dare you to take Step One. And you know exactly what Step One is in your own life. Truth be told, I’ve personally taken ‘Step One’ in my own life today and I absolutely know that by the time I get to the Last Step, I’ll be happy and satisfied in the knowledge that I’m kick-starting my dreams into the direction in which I want them to go. Live with passion. Live with all the zeal that you can muster.

That’s the only way to do it. Because if you’re not smiling everyday and doing what you live, you’re wasting time. And time wasted is the saddest thing on the face of the Earth.

Go on. Go boldly in the direction of your hustle.

by Babongile Zulu

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