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Challenging the finances status quo

Living in a world where African people were never allowed to be financially literate or independent, it is pleasing to see a young woman taking on a field that is historically foreign to most of us.

Zoh Manqele is the founder of ZLM Accounting Solutions and she’s running the business totally on her own. As an individual she’s a very routine-oriented person, which is probably why she decided to be an accountant. Zoh is the youngest member of her family but (from her own words) has the tendency to boss everyone around. However, she values respect and believes strongly in treating everyone with kindness and never compromises on that.

The young business woman is originally from Ulundi in the Northern parts of KwaZulu. She lived almost her entire life there until she decided to move to Jo’burg to study and pursue her dreams. Her company is also based in Jo’burg and it specialises on the following:

  • Bookkeeping services
  • Assistance with company registration
  • Budget preparation (companies and individuals)
  • Vat and Income Tax, including tax for individuals
  • Financial Reporting and financial statements preparation

With 4 years’ worth of experience and having worked in both the public and private sector, Zoh tells us that┬áNonkululeko Gobodo (SA’s first black female CA) is someone she looks up to immensely. She’s met Nonkululeko once and regards her as a very kind woman. For Zothile, Nonkululeko Gobodo is basically a symbol of great female leadership in business and always refers to her story whenever she wants to advance her career.

I also look up to Vuyisile Zondi (Owner of Corium Naturals) and Nomonde Makhunga (Owner of Forbes Legal). They’re both young entrepreneurs and they excel in their fields. As young black women we really owe it to ourselves to be in positions we’re in.

Another person who has a major influence in Zoh’s career is her father who was an accountant for over 20 years. The two of them are very close so it’s no surprise that she ended up following her dad’s path.

In terms of her plan to survive this highly competitive financial services field, Ms Manqele aims to be very consistent in her work, in her interaction with her clients and prospective ones, as well as in her character as an entrepreneur. Should she do this successfully there is no doubt that more doors will open for her, which will then guarantee more business growth for the company.

Consistency and other strong values will also be key for ZLM Accounting Solutions considering that one of Zoh’s long-term goals for her firm is to create employment and provide a working environment that’s healthy and conducive for career advancement of black professionals.

When we asked Zoh what her message is to fellow Black Business owners this is what she said, “The only message I have is that we must never over compensate with our skills and qualifications. There’s negative connotations towards black businesses, the biggest being that we’re unreliable. Through quality services and determination, we can transform that way of thinking.”

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