School shoes initiative

The assumption that one has to be financially loaded in order to help the poor people in our communities is not only false but it is also hindering the development of society. These are the words of Mphilisi Vusi Ntabende Phili.

Since the year 2012 Mr Phili has been going all out to help poor families by buying them groceries from his own pocket. After realizing that more and more people needed his help, he then took his selfless initiative a step further.

On 26 January 2013 he began helping school pupils by donating uniforms. The 10 children who were beneficiaries of his generosity at that time were from the area in which he grew up, at Dassenhoek near Pinetown.

His charity programme continued well into 2014 and 2015 where it grew significantly in terms of the number of pupils who benefited. Eventually he managed to collect school shoes for 180 children who came from needy families within the surrounding areas of his township. The children are specifically from the following schools: Bhekokuhle Primary School, Delani Primary School, Cetshwayo Primary School, and Lokothwayo Primary School.

Last year during the month of September Mphilisi could only collect school shoes for 50 pupils due to a number of unforeseen constraints. When we asked Mphilisi what gives him the urge and courage to do what he does, this is what he said:

I know what poverty is because I grew up without parents. I did not always have what I needed or wanted as a kid.

Mr Phili went on to tell us that in his upbringing he only started wearing school shoes in Grade 6. Even those shoes were second hand. He remembers walking long distances (barefooted) on rainy days to Bhekokuhle Primary School on an empty stomach. That experience taught him about the values of giving as he was also once in that unfortunate position.

If there’s anyone out there who wishes to assist in this initiative, you can email Mphilisi at ntabendephili33@gmail.com 


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    Siya says

    Great initiative! we need more people like this brother in our communities

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    Erick Vusi Phili says

    Thank you so much Ngcobos

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