Zee is not only our expert when it comes to Marketing and putting our Brand out there but she is excellent in terms of keeping us abreast with the latest industry trends and social developments. She’s basically the face of the Ngcobo Empire and personifies everything we represent or stand for. We really believe in her abilities to connect us with the masses and our target audience. She makes us tick.

Zee has too much energy and a great eye for money. One of her best strengths in this industry is that she’s easily accessible even though engazwani nama phone calls. She prefers emails, texting and face-to-face communication when it comes to business. On a personal level she can be very reserved and not easily trusting. It’s never easy for her to open up to people; hence she has a very small circle of friends – keeps her thoughts and feelings to herself at most times.

Strange enough (basing this observation on knowing her character) she’s always asking random questions about politics. The rate at which she throws these questions, you’d swear that she’s secretly planning to form a political party one day. On a serious note though, Zee is passionate about women empowerment issues. Do not get us wrong. She is not a feminist at all. If anything, she’s a heart-breaker. Hack into her twitter DM’s if you don’t believe us!