As per the norm, great movements need to have an engine room or a think tank in order for them to flourish and be a dominant force. Here at the Ngcobo Empire we have that in the form of Thule. As our Head of Content and Research, there is nothing in the form of TEXT, AUDIO, IMAGES, VIDEO, IDEAS that is produced or formulated in-house without passing through her. She edits and approves all content. Furthermore, she leads each and every research project which we conduct as a digital multimedia company.

Thule possesses quite an artistic brain and personality. She can literally manage to do anything that requires flair. So it is no wonder we have assigned her with this mammoth task of overseeing our intellectual and creative property. She is our voice of reason. She enjoys working with mature people and taking on new challenges. One unique thing about her is that she is a walking Dictionary. She even knows the meaning of the toughest Zulu words out there. Uma ungamazi you’d swear ukuthi she’s an 80-year-old rural or cultured granny.

She loves kids but is scared of having her own. Just like her sister (Dr TeeDK) she always claims to be a good singer but we think the opposite of that. She’s crazy about football (loves Pep Guardiola, Andrés Iniesta, and Sergio Agüero) and uyayithanda inyama. She can hate you for days and weeks if umuncisha inyama. Uyadelela-ke futhi uma kum’sukile. Asazi exactly ukuthi ufuze bani ngoba everyone else in the team has wonderful manners. Uyena nje kuphela nekhanda lakhe.