TeeDK is mainly in charge of business to business networking, creating new opportunities for the Ngcobo Empire and monitoring our competition on various levels. We often rely on her whenever we need to be represented on BIG occasions, business meetings and fancy corporate gigs.

She oozes with charisma and is well connected with prominent and high-profile people. Everyone likes her for being very disciplined and humbled. She is one of the strongest women you’ll ever meet. Akazwani nento engasile or engacacile, and strongly believes in fairness. She hardly ever misses church on a Sunday; kodwa-ke akakwazi ukucula even though she thinks she can [lol]. A qualified Doctor by profession, Thandeka is one of the busiest people in our team and she hardly ever gets to rest properly.

She’s forever chasing work deadlines and balancing them with her personal commitments. One of her weaknesses is that she doesn’t know how to put herself first. She’ll definitely enjoy life more as soon as she learns that attribute.