All well-established organisations need an official voice if they are to maintain order and cohesion. Someone who will provide timely information about the Brand to any member of the public at any given time of the day. That is Halitto for us. He answers all queries that we receive from all mediums of communication available at this age, and preaches the brand’s vision & values. He also takes care of the company’s Online Stats and Google Analytics.

When he’s not in the office checking up on what the masses are saying about the Ngcobo Empire, you’ll most likely find him watching his favourite erratic football clubs in action (Orlando Pirates & Arsenal) or playing a game of chess while drinking gin & lemonade. He has a great fetish for women with rich natural hair. Loves eating too much! Avocado, eggs and mushrooms are his favourite foods. As much as he loves ukudla, uyivila-ke kodwa. Akazwani nokusebenza when it comes to cleaning, cooking, washing and stuff like that.

By nature, Halitto is a very caring and sensitive person but he usually tries to hide it all. He is good at being punctual for any kind of appointments but is terrible at multitasking. Somebody needs to get him an Executive PA and PPA soon.