As our Events Coordinator, Duke is very much on top of his game when it comes to dealing and liaising with with people of different calibres. As disorganised as he appears to be at most times – he somehow always manages to get everything done, right on time, without any major hassles.

He is theee most accomplished member among all of us in the team. We fully trust him with many responsibilities, even outside of his scope of work. He’s been doing this for some time already, even travelled the world on many occasions and seen it all. Very soon he’ll be multilingual like the former State President, uNxamalala.

On a lighter note Duke loves listening to Blues music and drinking his spirits. We just wish he could make up his mind as to what it is he prefers exactly between Whiskey and Gin. Other than that the guy has a really nice habit of taking people out and spoiling them, especially the younger, fine ladies.