A global citizen who’s heart and soul remains rooted in the beautiful continent of Mama Afrika, Silindokuhle’s aura resembles that of African Queens & goddesses who used to rule over kingdoms during the glorious ancient times of this continent. She is a very open-minded, free-spirited and independent thinker.

The Chief Advisory role comes naturally for her. Since day one, Silindokuhle has always been the voice of reason in our organisation. She possesses vast knowledge on many fields and is excellent when it comes to negotiating, planning and problem solving. We often look up to her whenever there’s a need to make crucial decisions – more especially on legal matters that affect our internal processes; as well as on branding & public relations strategies.

As a certified jet setter, and also as someone with cross-functional and multidisciplinary expertise, she’s usually out of the country for most of her time but is still a very close and loyal Confidant of our Managing Director.

With regards to her character and attributes, she’s such a bubbly girl that is fascinated by books; mostly Fiction to be precise. She loves to eat ligusha (a.k.a. Okra) and her favourite drink is Prosseco. She’s into jazz music and romantic movies; Dirty Dancing being her all time fav! She has a huge crush on Chadwick Boseman and holds the revolutionary Thomas Sankara in high esteem. Kubo bonke labo bhuti abazibhekile la kuyena, do note that her dream car is a Mercedes Benz G Wagon and Italy is her favourite holiday destination.