As our HR Officer we are fortunate to have Ntuthu in the team. She’s very much connected with people who are experts in this field and naye is quite clued up on matters of this nature. Ntuthu is excellent with contracts, figures and stuff like that. Nasemalini uthembekile and knows how to keep things together for the benefit of everyone in the team. However, she can be very stingy uma ethandile.

Nontuthuko is such a trustworthy and consistent woman in everything she does. She is very popular in her social circles but prefers to be modest about it, always doing her best to keep a low profile and never letting the popularity get to her head. Having said that, she is also shy by nature; loves taking her afternoon naps and stalking people on instagram. She is often our go-to person whenever we want the latest on ‘umgosi’ of what everyone has been up to or busy with out there.

One thing to note about her is that she gets along easily with her male friends more than she does with females. Maybe this could explain why she loves meat and going out so much when she’s in the mood for it. Invite her for a braai at any given day and she’ll most definitely be there; even if it means she has to dodge work.

One of her major strengths is being a good listener. She understands people and situations better than most of us; always the first to avail herself during problem solving situations or reaching out during tough times. She loves old school R&B music and enjoys playing sports.