From the early age of childhood development, Ms Yolanda Nkambule has always known that she was a beautiful singer and a great performer. But it was at the tender age of 13, during her Primary School days where people began noticing how special a talent she was. From then on she’s never looked back.

I remember having to sing at a prize giving ceremony. I did it and blew everyone away! I am also confident in public speaking, whenever given a chance. When all eyes are on me I make sure I own that moment!

On the lighter side you’ll find me listening to good expensive music and hanging out with friends. I’m usually the joker, so I often find laughter in awkward things like how people speak, their body language to be precise and my mom is a really funny person so she also enjoys it. Trevor Noah makes me laugh a lot. 

To be quite honest, being a member of the Ngcobo Empire team makes me very nervous, mainly because my intuition tells me ukuthi greater things are to come. The thought of it all is so overwhelming. I am expecting to learn a lot from my team; hoping and praying that we all have a trustworthy, loyal and wealthy union! 

I have this mentality that life is about God showing the enemy that He is king! Basically I mean to say we were all created with certain tasks and accomplishments. For instance showing unconditional love towards each other, participating in God’s activities, proving that He reigns. As people we owe it to ourselves to get anything materialistic and spiritual that we desire. God has already laid down all that is due to you. It’s totally up to you to go get it.

My message to my loved ones and fellow Artists is that you must be authentic and confident at all times. No one wants to spend their money and time on someone that is full of uncertainty. Attack! Attack! Attack! In whatever that you do, always aim for first position.

Be teachable. Trust in Him and your own self. My father always says that I should be grateful to have parents that see every possibility when they look at me. I’m humbled by all the love that people give me. From a tender age I’ve always had a big circle around me. I used to say it was declared in heaven, hence my parents named me Nobantu, which means peoples person and Thandiwe which means loved by all. I’m really humbled by all the love and support. 

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