Buhle was born in Witbank but spent the majority of her life in Centurion. She believes that music and words give more meaning to life. For her, the two combined, have the power to influence anything in life and that is the main reason why she loves being an artist.

Being able to sing myself out of a bad mood made me see that these two outlets aid us in expressing what’s within. Being born into a music oriented family made it easy for me. Music, lyrics or poems are vital organs I can’t live without. My love for writing was born during my high school days but was only developed during my first year in varsity. I realized that I loved being able to express myself and be able to have an opinion about different topics. I’ve been writing ever since.

Social media has given young creatives the platform to share their craft and to appreciate and learn from other creatives. Social media has created a network that makes it simple to support local artists. Being part of Ngcobo Empire is a continuation of this network that embraces black excellence and African culture. 

I believe that we all have a purpose in life. That we are spirit before we are flesh. Spiritual growth is a journey that’s important to me because it adds value to my endeavors. Feeding the spirit is just as important as feeding the flesh. This also means appreciating the gift of life. I give thanks to God for my talents by using them the best way I know how and by dedicating my moves and success to Him.

Last night was so much fun ?? PS: I won the prize of the competition ?

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