Uncovered | Feature Film

Event details

  • Friday | August 30, 2019 to Sunday | September 29, 2019
  • 10:00 AM
  • Ster-Kinekor Cinemas, Nationwide
  • +27 72 679 8983

Aluta’s life is going well. She works for mining magnate Frank Drake who, since her parents were killed when she was a child, has become a surrogate father to her. The premier, Nomusa Zwide, is running to be the first female president of the republic of South Africa. The only fly in her ointment is her sister Pumla – a tenacious journalist with a history of mental health problems. Pumla is convinced that Frank Drake is involved in some kind of conspiracy when he announces his plans to sell his mine to the Somkhele community in which the mine resides.

Aluta refuses to believe her, until she unwittingly witnesses her sister being murdered in her own home. But when the police rule the murder as suicide, Aluta smells a cover up. Desperate to find out who murdered her sister, she picks up where Pumla left off in her investigation into Frank Drake and his mine. As she digs, she puts pieces together.

Frank’s mine has been overmined and he is basically selling a useless piece of land to the Somkhele people with the intention of cashing in a big check from government and then absconding back to Europe with the money.

But Aluta’s digging draws Franks’ attention. He sends the assassin that killed her sister after her, and Aluta goes on the run. She’ll have to re-connect to her ex-boyfriend, a hacker who’s stolen millions from Frank’s company, to help her if she’s to reveal the truth to the world, get revenge for her sister’s death, and keep herself alive.

She finds the conspiracy goes even deeper than she first suspected, all the way to the highest levels of government; ending in the premier who she thought she could trust in, and painful revelations about her past and her deceased parents.

Will this trusting young woman be able to become the hardened survivor who can make impossible choices in order to save not just herself, but her country?….