Fashionista fights poverty through his clothing range

Growing up in a disadvantage home is a hassle for everyone, mainly because one is unable to afford basic items they may need on a daily basis. This is what clothing line owner S’busiso Myeni, better known as Dambie, had to live with during his childhood.

Now, as the founder of El Dambie, he has made it his main objective to secure a radiant future for himself and his family through his clothing line. The University of KwaZulu-Natal Masters student founded his brand as a means to an end – especially because he believes that one’s background should never determine their future.

Speaking to the Ngcobo Empire crew, the designer explains that his life has always been a struggle; from not having enough funds for school, to suffering the same fate in tertiary. However, had it not been for his former soccer team, his life would have been even more challenging. This is the motive he uses in his academics and business.

I wanted to start something that served a purpose, something that brought change in mine and other peoples lives. My biggest intention is to cultivate people from poor backgrounds to never underestimate their potential in life and for them to know that they can achieve what they desire if they set their minds to it, just like myself.

For his achievements, the fashionista is grateful to the people from his hometown in Empangeni for the help they rendered when he started his business back in 2017. “If it wasn’t for Wandile Ndlovu and Njabulo Majola, El Dambie wouldn’t be a success story. They believed in my hustle and so did other people that encouraged me to grow in the fashion industry.

Although his target market is the youth, the entrepreneur is impressed by the different people who purchase his items. Being recognized by people he looks up to has been remarkable and that drives him to do more than what is expected from him. A number of well-known stars have taken an interest in the brand and some have appeared on Television sporting the El Dambie line. These include famous football players such as Hendrik ‘Pule’ Ekstein and retired football maestro, Teko Modise.

Dambie also boasts a nomination at SA Gqom awards, and although he did not win, he still appreciates being acknowledged. In addition, he has won an 035 award in 2018 for ‘clothing brand of the year‘ category and has been voted the ‘best dressed‘ at the Albert Luthuli Residence for three consecutive years.

All these achievements are a validation of his work ethic and morals. Furthermore, they have instilled a hunger for him to continue to excel in making his brand the finest. Dambie aims at building an empire that will not only benefit him, but the youth too. His number one priority is opening a store that will grant jobs for the unemployed.

In all his experience, he stresses how thankful he is to those that supported him in the beginning to date. This includes customers who purchase his merchandize, as well as mentors who paved the way for him.

To place an order, reach out to S’busiso Myeni on +27 67 702 8275 or send an email to myenidambayi@gmail.com. He is available on Instagram and Facebook as El dambie Style.

~ fundizungu@ngcoboempire.co.za


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    Fezeka pretty hadebe says

    I know you not only doing it for yourself but for all those who had dreams and gave up.those who never had it easy, for all of us. We really appreciate it ❤️ your work is beautiful ✨

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