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Youth of Durban comes out to celebrate new talents

A night of dancing and embracing musical talents took place at the Werehouse in Durban with hopes to keep the youth off the streets. An event called Gqom VS Trap was held on Saturday the 9th November, where young creatives took the stage to showcase their God-given talents.

The venue was filled with an audience that cheered along to the sounds presented by the artists in the line-up. A majority of the acts were up-and-coming musicians who were starting to find their feet in the entertainment business. The occasion was hosted by new talents, Nossy Shamz and Queeniso who ensured that the crowd was having a blast.


Apart from just having a remarkable time and drinks, the main objective of the event was to give back to the youth community in KZN in order for them to acknowledge that they are the future role models of South Africa. They also invited well known artists that will assist the unemployed youth with the right resources; enabling them to grow as individuals and gave insight that will drive their careers in the correct path.

Lindani Mjoli is part of the group that organised the event. He worked with other event organisers who shared a similar goal to his. They are Lwanele, Sne and Zolani. “Gqom VS Trap is for the youth by the youth, we aim at giving creatives exposure to perform in front of big acts and investors. New talents are not given enough credit and that is what we wanted to achieve, that is why we have meetings designed to uplift them. We also opened doors for dancers since we realized they are overlooked,” he said.

In the midst of the night, the hosts orchestrated a dance off between the groups that attended. A duo by the name ‘Versatile’ took to the dance floor to show off their moves and displayed two different genres which are distinct to one another. They were able interacted with the audience which appreciate their style immensely.

Bad Milk is a female rapper that received the opportunity to exhibit her EP titled Flavours: “My experience was very relaxed and I honestly enjoyed performing in the presence of an intimate crowd because that granted me a chance to communicate with the audience. I want to leave the premises with more listeners and supporters and for people to be familiar with my EP that will be released on Wednesday the 13th November,” she explained.

The list of acts that appeared on stage also include Khumz who was nominated at the Durban Creative Awards, Leigh who is a female rapper, ‘Hellow Mah’ hitmaker PA Fakaloice, LordScript, Drakhula, Afro no Tyson, Rockboy and Gift da Performer.

Despite not having any investors to aid them with funding, the collective believes they still managed to put everything together with the limited funds they had. More than anything, they are grateful to those who attended the event and hope that their work is appreciated by everyone.


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